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The CHARLIE handbag stands out with its minimalist and elegant format. The flexibility of its high-quality vegan leather makes it easy to contain all your belongings in complete safety thanks to the zipped pockets. Like all Design Lambert products (a Montreal company), the CHARLIE 3-in-1 handbag and backpack has many pockets and is durable and easy to maintain. No need to choose between the backpack or the handbag, this model fulfills both functions. In all circumstances, its multifunctional design will complement your look to perfection. A truly luxurious, local, ethical, and cruelty-free product, designed by women, for women.

The CHARLIE is worn in 3 ways:

  1. As a handbag (with the top handle)

  2. As a backpack (with the two thin adjustable straps)

  3. As a shoulder bag (with a thin adjustable strap)

What makes the CHARLIE unique:

  1. Its format that is simply cute

  2. Its multifunctionality

  3. Its many interior and exterior pockets

The CHARLIE is perfect for:

  1. Fashionistas

  2. Feminine and elegant women

  3. Those who are looking for a small format that is, however, very roomy

Why the name “CHARLIE”?

CHARLIE is the mini version of the CHARLOTTE backpack. It charms with its chic and cute small size and the many ways to wear it.

The accessories used in the demonstration video are for example only (not included).

27cm ( Height ) x 22cm ( Width ) x 10cm ( Depth )