Safetube mask 3 Layer
Safetube mask 3 Layer

Safetube mask 3 Layer

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This tube also acts as a lab-tested mask. The tube contains 3 layers and a filter that can be washed up to 50 times with maintained filtration efficiency using mechanical nano-filtration capacity. Inner layer is Oeko-Tex Certified fabric. Top-drawstring ensures good fit over nose. Bottom drawstring ensures restricted airflow and maintains compliance with International transport and Domestic transport requirements as well as Health Canada and CDC).

SafeTube is a partnership between EcoEquitable and Dessius Consulting, a fibre science and consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

Product Features:

  • Our results: prior to laundering 88% PFE
  • After x30 and x50 washes: 77-82% PFE
  • Machine washable: delicate wash, warm water, hang to dry or regular wash in a laundry bag, warm water, hang to dry
  • Adjustable around the nose for a good seal
  • Elasticized or adjustable at the neck
  • Compliant with international transport requirements, including Transport Canada
  • Tested for comfort during indoor activities and outdoor sports and activities
  • Fashionable and highly functional
  • Reduces fogging of glasses and ski goggles
  • Insulative for cooler weather and yet comfortable indoors
  • Next to skin from European-milled fabric is Oeko Tex 100 certified
  • Fabrics are selected for safety at NEXT to AIRWAY
  • Drawcord locks can be adjusted while keeping gloves or mittens on
  • Safety feature for children to prevent accidental strangulation (youth size)
  • Easy to adjust, move and keep securely in place
  • Chemicals reviewed for restricted substances
  • European-milled fabric next to skin was developed to allow for greater moisture movement and quick drying
  • Reviewed for skin sensitization
  • Conducted extensive wash and wear testing for: comfort, performance, skin irritation