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The ZOE pencil case is an essential and practical accessory in high-quality vegan leather. Its beautiful rectangular shape gives it a minimalist, but neat look. Of a good size, you can easily insert your items, whether they are skincare, beauty products or small eclectic objects. This product also includes interior pockets for better organization. Easy to maintain, this product is a true cruelty-free, ethical, and local fashion accessory. Carry your pencil case easily on all your travels, the ZOE fits perfectly in the SIDNEY travel bag’s side pocket or inside the MIA!

The ZOE can serve as a:

  1. Makeup or toiletry bag

  2. Travel kit

  3. Versatile and practical storage case

What makes the ZOE unique:

  1. Its minimalist and neat look

  2. Its ideal size for storage

  3. Its small interior pockets

The ZOE is perfect for:

  1. Men and women

  2. Minimalists

  3. Elegant people

Why the name “ZOE”?

ZOE is a unisex name just like the pencil case which is an accessory for men and women.

The accessories used in the demonstration video are for example only (not included).